3 Months of No Creativity

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I had to take a hiatus from planning my upcoming solo exhibition as I attended an intensive iOS Bootcamp program. It is for a career change but also I see it as an extension of my creativity.

When I paint I have to be free, I can not control the medium or I get stressed and can not paint. It’s like some kind of painterly self strangulation. When working with technology I love tinkering and always have many ideas. In fact in the next couple years I have a few art related apps I hope to make.

It was interesting being so entrenched in something so soulless as a bootcamp program. There was no time to go outside the lines and learn things that interested me (I did not have time to learn all of the material as it was). There was no room for doing my own thing and exercising my creativity. The amount I learned was unbelievable but I had no time for creative thought and as a result no desire for it either.  I will be getting started planning my art show soon.

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