11 down, more than a dozen to go!

I have 11 paintings right now in various stages of being done. 4 of them I’ve put aside as completed, though until I varnish them they are still fair game!

Here’s a selection. The orientations may or may not be correct. I don’t decide that until the very last minute when I varnish my signature and seal it in forever.

I have mostly abandoned my original plan of making paintings like paintings I had before. It’s just too hard. No actually it’s impossible. Even if I do the exact same things it won’t turn out the same because maybe the temperature or humidity in the room is different, or I am in a slightly different mood and hold a spray bottle differently…who knows. All I know is my painting is about lack of control so what made me think I could control what kinds of paintings I was going to make?

I’m still using the 5 paintings as guides but every painting I make is different. My friend Bana was over yesterday. Bana is a professional artist, painter, animator, illustrator…basically she’s amazing. She is from Iran, taught art at Tehran University, and if I remember correctly she has a piece in the museum’s collection too. Anyway, my friend Bana was over last night and while I was talking to her about not being able to recreate textures and marks I want to, she said something interesting I had not thought of. She said that is exactly what makes abstract expressionist painting so special, it can’t be copied or recreated.

That got me thinking.

Abstract expressionist work is pure in the moment. It can only be created at that one moment by that one person with those specific materials and applicators. My inspirations are the same things that move me through life day to day with the positivity I possess. There is nothing specific that inspires my art. I create without thought. My hands naturally go where they need to go. What my process lacks in control it makes up for in freedom and sometimes what that freedom creates blows my mind.

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