I was very fortunate to receive my first grant in early 2014. I received the DTES Small Arts Grant, $1000. This fund is awarded by Vancouver Foundation.

First Solo Exhibition - August 29th

Details are forthcoming but it is now confirmed, my first solo exhibition will be at the Gam Gallery on August 29, 2015. Thanks goes to Vancouver Foundation for providing me with this opportunity through funding from DTES Small Arts Grants.

To be invited to the event, please like my...Read More »

Photographing My Paintings

The first step in preparing to have my first solo exhibition is to document my artwork. I used the grant money to purchase a photography studio set up with 3 lights and a 20ft backdrop. Justin Boudreau was kind enough to work with me on this project.

This was a...Read More »

My 2nd Grant!

I have been awarded a grant from Vancouver Foundation’s DTES Small Arts Grants program for 2015. The grant will fund my first solo exhibition. Everything from ordering lighting equipment, taking photos, renting a gallery, and creating promotional materials. I am quite nervous!!!

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DTES Small Arts Grant 2015

Well, here I go again! Last year Vancouver Foundation’s DTES Small Arts Grant helped me create 20 paintings to round out my body of work. This year I am applying to help finance an art show to showcase these paintings as well as the ones I had done previously.

I have...Read More »

Creativity Lives Here - Artist Studio Awards Program

I just barely managed to get my grant application in on time for the Creativity Lives Here – Artist Studio Awards Program funded by the City of Vancouver. As usual I put way too much time into my application but so far this kind of dedication has paid...Read More »

11 down, more than a dozen to go!

I have 11 paintings right now in various stages of being done. 4 of them I’ve put aside as completed, though until I varnish them they are still fair game!

Here’s a selection. The orientations may or may not be correct. I don’t decide that until the very last minute when...Read More »

Frustrations working with a new kind of canvas

Here’s a screen shot from last night’s session. Last night I started the actual painting after finishing more test sheets during the day. I have three paintings on the go and not one of them is turning out like I planned…and thank goodness, how boring would that be?

I am working...Read More »

I'm basing my grant on these 5 paintings

These 5 photos show the 5 series I will be doing for this project. For each painting I will be doing 5 additional paintings to create a series using that original painting as a guide. The two darkest paintings are going to be part of the same series so that...Read More »

Setting up the art studio

In order to execute this grant project flawlessly it is important to be organized. I converted my office area into a studio. Here you can see the transformation in progress and also the final studio set up. I keep my inks in a vintage breadbox, they fit perfectly! With my...Read More »

Getting ready for the grant

Before I start any of my paintings, I have a large canvas pad...Read More »

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