Artist CV


2011 Queer Arts Festival, Games People Play: Curated group show, my entry was titled “One of These Things is Not Like the Other”.


2015 DTES Small Arts Grant from Vancouver Foundation, $1000: To cover costs associated with holding my first solo exhibition, including costs associated with photographing and digitizing my collection.

2014 DTES Small Arts Grant, Vancouver Foundation, $1000: To purchase supplies necessary to round out my body of work with an additional 20 (approx.) paintings and turn it into a cohesive set of paintings.


2010-2012 ArtStarts Gallery for Young People: Acted as a gallery host and also technical support and general office duties (

2010-2012 Community Arts Council of Vancouver: Social media manager, built their social media accounts from nothing to a couple thousand followers.


Schools & Courses

2009-2010 Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrech (Utrech School of the Arts), Basisopleiding: “Basic Training” in 2D and 3D fine art including painting, life drawing, print making, found object sculpture, large scale public art modeling.

2008-2009 Vancouver Community College, Fashion Design: Courses in Fashion Drawing, Patternmaking and Industrial Sewing.

2007-2009 Blossom Jenab, Private Apprenticeship: Couture (by-hand) Patternmaking and Sewing.

2007-2008 VSB Continuing Education, Fashion Design: Courses in Patternmaking and Draping