Artist Bio

While other painters manipulate their medium in order to present an expressive reproduction of form, Abbey’s use of misted water, Chinese fan brush, airflow and gravity move her inks and paint media (much like Asian Literati painting {水墨畫}) to focus on gesture of line within a visceral, painterly presentation, wherein she acts as a pragmatic conduit for the medium through a Dionysian process. This contradiction to traditional N.American painting embodies as a breakdown by the challenging of compositional boundaries and the viewing plane in an almost Glitch Materialist fashion.

Abegael Jackson’s creative nature was founded in fashion design and fostered through a variety of courses in Fashion Drawing, Patternmaking and Industrial Sewing at Vancouver Community College in 2008. Her highly accredited attention to form, movement and line inspired her interest in fine art which took her to the Netherlands the following year, where she enrolled in a foundation course at Utrech School of the Arts focusing on 2D and 3D fine art including painting, life drawing, print making, found object sculpture and large scale public art modeling. Her transition from fashion to fine art mirrors a deconstructionist approach to her art production as a Lyrical Abstractionist.

Abegael Jackson is an emerging artist based out of Vancouver, BC. She celebrated her first showing in 2011 and has been focusing on the development of her work through the receipt of two DTES small arts grants.

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